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What selfcare do you do to care for your Womb?

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

Here are some great ways to do self care for your Womb.

1. Having a proper diet for your body is essential for the body to stay balance, healthy and heal. Knowing what foods causes mucus to the body and Womb, will help you to pick better foods.

Leafy greens are essential to the health and healing of the womb because they are alive like you and me. The Womb is life Force energy and produces life in more than one way, So we need to make sure that we eat foods that will assist the Womb in doing its job.

*** We at Zion Wellness Center can help and teach you how to be a conscious consumer, pick the right foods for your body type, how to detox your body and more. Contact us at 773-819-0894, 7209 S Exchange Ave. or visit our website at

2. Having a great detox plan that will clear the body as a whole is essential. Make sure you have a consultation before you start any detox plan so your Herbal and Womb Practitioner can make a detox tea made for your own body type. We at Zion Wellness Center provide 3 different Detox Plans on our webpage at or for more information call at 773-819-0894, 7209 S Exchange Ave.

3. Get proper rest, If you are not getting proper rest, your body and Womb has little or no time to heal, or rejuvenate.

4. Come up with a exercise and yoga routine and invest in a fitness band to track your sleep, steps and exercise.

5. Water, Water, and more Water. Water jumpstarts the body in the morning and stimulates the digestive system. Some women experience pain and longer cycles because of little to no water intake. FYI, If you are consuming more meat it can also cause your cycles to be longer and painful. Your body is made up of 78% of water, so do your body some good by putting more water in it.

6. Number 6 is my favorite, Spiritual Baths! Taking a Spiritual Bath consist of herbs, essential oils, salts, crystals, and any other tools to help you cleanse at this time. It’s very vital that we cleanse our aura and body, we come in contact with energy and it’s important that we spiritually cleanse when needed.

Including Spiritual Baths in your self care regimen Ladies, will helps reduce stress, anxiety, clear mind and body, bring health, relaxation, spiritual cleanse and more.

Yoni Steaming is also a wonderful way to cleanse the Sacral and Root Chakra of any stagnated energy that have developed, from past lovers, emotional trauma Ect. To learn more go to our webpage at:

If you would like to know more about our Spiritual Bath Blends, go to our website at:

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Ahava Bey
Ahava Bey

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