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Womb Massage & Clay Wrap

What is a Womb Massage?

A Womb Massage is a non-invasive, external technique used to heal the body and encourage physical and mental well being. It has been practiced for centuries to relieve blockages in the body, to improve the flow of Chakra and circulation and as a natural fertility enhancer. The therapy may also help prevent the progression of chronic disease symptoms and encourage improved organ function. 


These massages may additionally help improve your chances of conception and overall reproductive function. They can be done alone or in conjunction with our other services. 

Some of the general benefits of regular Womb Massages include:

  • improved digestion

  • decreased abdominal discomfort 

  • reduces stress and depression

  • promotes relaxation

Regular Womb Massages & Clay Womb Wrap can provide several benefits for the reproductive system:

  • increased blood circulation to the reproductive organs

  • help maintain hormonal balance

  • removes useless or dead tissue (especially from previous menstruation)

  • can re-position a tilted uterus

  • may help break down cysts

  • reduced pain and cramps during the menstrual cycle

  • can help break down pelvic adhesions 

  • assist in the healing of vaginal scars

  • may help regulate menstrual cycle length

  • can help with detoxification

  • may reduce clotting during menstruation

  • may eliminate bloating and water retention


What We Do

We have a series of massage techniques, self care, teas and regimens to help support reproductive health, fertility, and menstrual cycle problems. We incorporate Womb Wrapping with our Detox Womb Clay to pull out impurities from the reproductive system.  

Womb Massage (without Clay Wrap) $45.00

Womb Massage & Clay Wrap $75.00

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