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Belly Bonding & Postpartum Belly Bonding 

Belly Bonding and Postpartum Belly Bonding has been indigenous to many cultures of women all over the world. Women have traditionally wrapped their torso and upper hips for after birth, weight loss, loss muscles, to heal and stabilize muscles and ligaments, for menstrual cycle, womb support, pelvic relief, and back pain. Belly Bonding gives your abdominal wall muscles complete support while healing from after birth, while your vital organs return to their pre-pregnancy size positing. Belly Bonding keeps the womb in optimal position by giving your body extra support. It also helps the womb stay in alignment. Belly binding is sure to aid in waist training and fitness, aid in easing cramps during your menstrual cycle, may help in shorten cycle time, suppresses appetite and builds core muscles.



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