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 We Have 6 Yoni Steaming

Treatments Below 

**Push titles for more information about each Treatments. Each Treatment is $85.00 with Energy Clearance Session.  


This blend of herbs is especially tailored for postpartum women. 

This is a general steam meant to improve uterine and pelvic  strength while managing minor vaginal odor.


This steam treatment is aimed at women concerned with extreme odor, itching and pH balance.

It can also effectively treat yeast infections. 

This is a specialty womb smudging that also includes womb steaming and is specifically for spiritual and emotional cleansing.

IMG_2456 2.jpg

An exstensive treatment intended to fully cleanse the body and treat chronic pain and other problems. 

This steam is especially good for women concerned with addressing infertility.

It is also good for postpartum women.

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