What is Yoni?

Yoni is a Sanskrit word meaning "source of all life", "sacred space" and "womb". It is a representation of the Divine Feminine and all the power women possess; a symbol of great procreative power, strength and fertility. 
Yoni steaming is about more than a simple beauty treatment. It's even more than just a uterine health treatment. The practice is meant to begin a re-connection between the body and the wisdom of nature. Ultimately, it's an opportunity; a chance to celebrate, cherish and learn about the body and it's connection to the mind. A chance to recognize the beauty, power and sacredness of that connection. 

How does Yoni Steaming work?

Yoni steaming is a practice in which a woman allows the warmth of an herbal steam mixture to permeate the exterior of her vagina to aid in healing, detoxification and spiritual awareness.  
During the treatment women sit on chairs or seats, similar to those pictured below, in a curtained area for utmost privacy and relaxation.  
A pot of heated water that has been enhanced with herbal mixtures is placed inside the seats a foot beneath the opening women will be sitting upon. 
Blankets are comfortably wrapped around the client's legs, to preserve privacy and aid in the steaming process, and the upper body to provide warmth, if need be. 
While steaming, clients are encouraged to drink the Journey To Your Womb Tea that accompanies their service to augment the healing process.

My Crew

Women are given a chance to quietly meditate while the steam works its magic. After the full time of the treatment has elapsed, women are gently taken out of meditation and given time to relax and unwind before re-engaging the world and its demands.

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