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Lovfreedom Bay 

Holistic Womb Care Provider

The Holistic Womb

Welcome to the Holistic Womb.



 12 years ago I personally struggled with several reproductive problems like hormonal imbalances,  pain,  long menstrual cycles , PMS,  the list seemed endless.  I then met my husband Timothy Ruther, who is a Master Herbalist on the south side of Chicago.  He helped me use herbal teas, meditation techniques and other lifestyle changes to restore my vitality and well being.  I started to incorporate Yoni Steaming into my regimens along with a healthy food diet. I had a dramatic change from womb struggles, to a healthy body and womb. After lots of research and prayer The Holistic Womb began!  


I have been servicing women at Zion Wellness Center for 9yrs, and on October  2017,  I became a certified Womb Sauna Practitioner 


My ambition is to help other women who struggle with similar issues to come to a self realization, through the healing and enhancement of body, mind, and spirit. When I began to heal myself from past and present disease, I also began learning from other sisters about their  similar struggles. In response, I decided to make a healing and wellness regimen to address different reproductive system issues using herbal tea blends, Yoni Steaming, meditation, spiritual guidance, yoga, and food recommendations.

I am looking forward to leading you on this journey of healing and self-discovery! 

Please contact me with your questions.   

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