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We as women hold a lot of energy in our womb, in our sexual creative space. Because of lack of information on how to cleanse our wombs spiritually, stagnating energy begins to develops in are womb. Vaginal steaming is one of the healing modalities to cleanse oneself mentally, spirituality, and physically.


Your session will include a private, 1 on1 session with your Practitioner. Which you will be coach for the entire session to support your body, mind, and spirit during the detox. Journey To Your Womb Tea or other detox teas are giving to enhance the benefits. An energy-based vaginal steam experience integrating crystal and healing touch therapies as well as sacred movements. A customized womb healing regimen with accountability and tools to use in between each session will also be provided. 

If you are feeling detached from your womb, need to cleanse oneself of past partners, sexual trauma, opening your prosperity, wealth, clarity, becoming one with who you are as a wonderful woman, we at     

Zion Wellness Center with The Holistic Womb introduced our

Womb Steam Baths & Therapy just for you! 

Make a appointment today!

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