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Sage of Tibet

Womb Smudging 
Womb & Root Chakra Clearer

Womb Smudging Benefits

 Smudging has long been a practice to clear one's atmosphere, cleanse the Chakras, enhance mood, and spiritual well-being.


This herb mixture is especially geared towards spiritual cleansing through the dissipation of old stagnated energy that may cause blockage in the Root Chakra which can negatively affect the spirit, body and mind. Womb Steaming is also used with this service, we have blended a spiritual blend for optimum results


Women use the Womb Smudging Steaming experience to remove and cleanse themselves of unwanted memories of past partners, sexual abuse, rape, miscarriage, ect. that have been attached through your Womb, Root and Sacral Chakra.  


By unblocking these areas, love, fertility, and healing of old wounds, brings about a beautiful connection between your body, mind and spirit.   

The Holistic Womb

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