Goddess of Nubia

Womb Steam Bath
(vaginal steaming )

Health Benefits

  Goddess Of Nubia is $65.00 without Reiki Healing Service and $85.00 with Reiki Healing Service. Goddess Of Nubia can help to internally cleanse the membranes of the vaginal and uterine tissue, while simultaneously detoxifying the womb.


 It can also help treat and relieve pain from chronic vaginal yeast infections, menstrual cramps, PMS, irregular  cycles/no cycles, ulcers, tumors, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, uterine  prolapse and fibroids. 


**Journey To Your Womb tea is also used in conjunction to enhance the benefits. 

Yoni Steaming (45min) Without Reiki Service.

Yoni Steaming (45min) Without Reiki Service.

$85.00Regular Price$65.00Sale Price
Yoni Steaming (1hr 15mins)(with Reiki Service)

Yoni Steaming (1hr 15mins)(with Reiki Service)


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